Monday, February 18, 2008

Today's Training Session

I warmed up as usual by shooting around for about 30 min. and then did a dynamic warm-up which took about 5 minutes:
- Skipping> to half-court and back
- Running High Knees> to half court and back
- Running Butt Kicks> same
- Walking Warrior Lunges (lunge and reach straight-up with both hands)> same
- Walking High Kicks> same
- Walking High Knee Pull> same
- Walking Butt Kick-Pull Back> same
- Leg Swings (side to side)> 10 each leg
- Leg Swings (front to back)> 10 each leg
- Pogo Jumps> 20 seconds
Moved on to some hip mobility for a few minutes:
- Hurdle step-overs (forward and backward)> 10 each leg, each direction
- Duck-unders> 20
- Duck-unders to warrior lunge> 10 each leg
Concluded my warm-up with some specific stretching and glute-activation:
- P.N.F. Hip-flexor stretch> 30 seconds each side
- Glute Bridge> 10
- Fire Hydrants> 10 each leg
- Bird-dogs> 10 each leg
So, I was completely warmed-up and loose and pretty much guaranteed myself I wouldn't get injured. All it took was an extra 15 minutes before I got started. Here's the meat and potatoes:

-Max Effort Lower Body-
- Deadlift (i usually go Sumo style, but I decided to go conventional today)> warmed-up to 5 sets x 2 (275), 1 (295), 1 (305), 1 (325), 1 (335) Rest b/w sets: 180s
- Barbell Reverse Lunges w/ extra ROM (lunged off 4 in. aerobic platform)> 2 set x 6 each leg (135) Rest b/w sets: 60s
- Swiss Ball Leg Curl> 3 sets x 10
superset w/
- Single-arm DB Snatch> 3 sets x 10 (5 each hand) (60) Rest: 60s
- Finished w/ some quick grip work and I was done.

I wasn't really feeling like training today but I ended up getting in a pretty solid workout. From the start of my dynamic warm-up to the end took about an hour at the most.

- Max