Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Vertical Jump Advice from Dave Lemanczyk

Here's some solid advice from a guy who knows what's what when it comes to basketball and overall athletic development (he played professionally overseas and can still get up now at a solid 240 lbs. - see above):

What I am going to tell you today will change the way you look
at vertical leap training. In itself, vertical leap training is a complete
fad. Plyometrics in itself simply means jump training and nothing
more. Sports science can determine the stretch shortening and
lengthening cycle but it's still jump training.

Many people are all caught up in how high they can jump off of
the ground. This measurement is the be all end all for some folks.
Honestly, it doesn't mean that much.

How doesn't vertical leap mean that much?

Well, for starters the game of basketball is played above the rim,
especially at the higher levels. At the lower levels it is still played
above the ground. When the game is played in the air, the only
thing that really matters is how high you can reach. Think about

Does the measurement of your jumping ability off of the ground
matter as much as how high you reach? What do you think?

Being able to stretch your body to reach higher will help you a lot
more than destroying your knees with silly nonsense and not to
mention way overpriced jump specialty programs. This comes
from a guy who can hop a little bit too as you know!

I personally didn't care how high I jumped off the ground as long
as my hands we above the rim when I was taking a shot. Every
time I took a jump shot, I was above the rim. Every hook shot,
above the rim. Every single strong to the hoop move, you guessed
it, above the rim.

I practiced my swamp lunges over and over until they were perfect.
In time, I got the results I earned and was extremely patient in
recieving them. I knew anything gained quickly was lost just as
quickly. Common sense isn't always common!

Next time someone tries to sell you some nonsense vertical jump
training, you'll have ammunition to protect yourself against a rip off.

Not what you were expecting to hear? Dave's advice can have that effect on people....and that's what makes it good.

- Max


Dunkin Dutchman said...

I've got beef with what you're saying here. Yes, it's true that basketball requires a lot more than jumping ability, and players need to learn how to play on the ground, but to say that vertical leap training is not valuable is ludicrous. A better vertical is always accompanied by an increase in speed and quickness, which is extremely useful in basketball. Also, jumping higher helps you get shots off more easily, block opponents shots, attack the rim stronger, and in some cases rebound better. Your view on this is far too extreme.

Zack | EliteJumpTraining said...

I agree that what really matters is the game that's played "above the rim"; however, for people that aren't 6'2", 6'3", etc., (like myself) how do you expect them to get that high without a higher vertical jump?

Additionally, even if you CAN get a half a foot above the rim, you're saying that adding an additional 8" - 12" won't be of ANY benefit to you??

If that is what you're saying, then I definitely disagree. If I'm interpreting it wrong, please let me know.

Joe Collin said...

Well, It really depends on how you see things. It is true that something gained quickly will be lost quickly.

However, thta only happens when you do not maintain your regular game or training routine. In other words.. after you can jump, you totally stop playing.. - Now that is not the case if we are training verticals am I right ?

If you can put some hops and jump higher in basketball, you will be able to gain some unfair advantage over your opponent that is for sure.

As for the comment on knee injury, Most competitive sports wear and tear your knee - Including jogging and running. It is really up to you to prevent these injuries like adopting the proper training techniques and wearing "shock absorb" shoes to ease these stress on your knee.

dunkmasta27 said...

I have to agree that having a good vert is very very very important in basketball, as well as things like volleyball.

It isn't going to make you the best player but it will help give you an advantage over people that are lacking in that department.

Of course you still need to have the skills on the ground in order to get to the rim and show off that vert...

Just my 2 cents

Adam said...

Really enjoy your blog, keep up the good work!

Adam Linkenauger

Anonymous said...

I agree with much of what you say about reach and flexibility. However, I think that works for you because of your physical build. Other people were not blessed in the same way. Therefore, they must rely on increasing their vertical jump.

I am a volleyball player and have seen smaller people dominate as a hitter because of their vertical.

I came across a website with some great viewpoints on increasing your vertical jump. I hope you find it helpful as well.

J.US said...

I've read a lot of great success stories about Jump USA's program. But any program really requires dedication and commitment, that's where jumping ability will start to develop. It will only work through consistent training.

Anonymous said...

Hey Max,
Nice article, but jumping high is super important in basketball. I also have a website that has free info on how to increase your vertical. With only a few exceptions, to be a superstar basketball player, you must possess exceptional jumping skills.

Vertical Jump Programs said...

It's good advice, but if you wanted to make serious improvements then it's best to invest in a vertical jump program. Read my review of the best programs.

Alex said...

I hear what your saying man, but having an explosive lower body is still very important,(esspecially for short guys like me). Its also great for sprinting and any form of explosive movement. like you say, it is still to do with getting over the rim, but you need a mix of the 2. and it takes a lot more effort to build the nesisary strength to be able to jump high, then to be able to stretch

Take it easy

Anonymous said...

That was a great article, It is highly important to have Strong Vertical Hops when jumping as that's a crucial huge X- Factor in sports. Keep up the good work Max.

Mike said...

Nice article Max, keep up the good work on the blog!

D. More said...

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thomas morrison said...

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