Monday, February 11, 2008

28 Tools to Become a Better Athlete

If you want to become a better all-around athlete that is explosive, fast, strong, and injury free.....Why aren't you doing these 28 things???

1. Bodyweight training (calisthenics)

2. Training outside

3. Training explosively

4. Sled dragging

5. Sprints (from different positions and directions)

6. Jump onto stuff (boxes, picinic tables, stairs, etc.) and off of stuff

7. Trying to improve on what you did last week

8. Doing single leg work (lunges, step-ups, split squats, pistol squats, etc.)

9. Back squats (with and without a box)

10. Using active recovery techniques (contrast showers, hot/cold baths, icing, stretching)

11. Strengthening the posterior chain EVERY time you do lower body training

12. Strongman training (tire flips, using stones, logs, sandbags, etc.)

13. Eating like a caveman as often as you can (natural earth grown foods)

14. Learning from others

15. Using a foam roller/soft tissue work

16. Training at least 3x a week (if your in the off-season)

17. Lifting in-season (what good is it to get strong in the off-season if you become as weak as a little school girl when it counts)

18. Grip training

19. Strengthening your abs/core (stop doing your dail 100 crunches, please)

20. Stretching

21. Working on your mobility

22. Overhead lifting

23. Jumping rope or doing any type of jump training

24. Listening to your body

25. Using a kettlebell (you'll thank me later)

26. Deadlifting

27. Training barefoot or with Nike Frees

28. Training hard (yes, you should break a sweat)

- The reason I gave links to almost all of these are because I just like to show proof that nationally respected trainers advise all these things too...I'm not just pulling them out of my butt.

- Max

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